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Orthodontics sets out to handle positional differences of the teeth, the teeth and the jaw. These differences may develop as a result of bad habits, because of abnormal exchange of milk teeth or on a hereditary basis. In addition to the aesthetic drawbacks, irregular teeth increases susceptibility for decay, can promote the development of early periodontal disease, interferes with chewing and can even cause speechfllaws.
The pictures below show some examples, to see whether these or similar changes are present in your family. If so, it is highly recommended to show them to our orthodontist. The first visit and  consultation is free.


The orthodontic treatment can be carried out both for children and adults, taking into account the characteristics of the given age group. Childhood treatments can be divided into three different age groups:

1 Early Childhood, milk teeth treatments (4-6 year olds)

Treatment of certain milk teeth differences can be started and eliminatation of bad habits (pl. sucking of thumbs, abnormal swallowing), support of good teeth growth, elimination of barriers receive attention in this age

2 Childhood, mixed teeth treatments (6-12 year old)

In the mixed dentition period, all differences can be dealt with good results, because the treatment period overlaps with the intensive growth. Generally, this is the period of application of removable appliances, although certain fixed apparatus may also be used.

3 Childhood, permanent teeth treatments (12-18 year old)

Variety of removable and fixed appliances can be used. Aesthetic orthodontic appliances are available just as well as the latest technology may be suitable, an orthodontic system making use of soft forces. The treatment of adult permanent teeth in most cases can only be resolved with cemented (fixed) orthodontic appliances.


Removable orthodontic appliances

These devices can be made as separate for each jawbone, but there are also those which both teeth bite and thus exert impact on the growth of the jaws and teeth. Their efficiency largely depends on how often and how long the patient wears them a day. Mostly they are advisable to be worn  at night and a few hours a day.

A specific group of the removable devices is the muscle function trainers, which adjust the muscles around the mouth, the power of tounge effecting teeth, thereby facilitating the correct development of the jaws. For more information about these special “structures”, see www.fogvedo.hu .
The elements of fixed appliances are locks, so called “brackets” which are bonded to the tooth, a variety of orthodontic arches, and the fasteners that hold the arches in the locks. These latter ones  may be tiny rubber rings or metal wires. Nowadays more and more patients choose the so-called “selfligating” fixed braces in which a final flake is integrated into the bracket, which keep the arcs much better in position than traditional braces. It is faster to achieve the desired results, doctors need to set up the device less often, thus reducing the activation cost, further it is easier to keep this type of braces clean and they are far more aesthetic too than the traditional glued-in appliances.


The traditional bracket

Our Orthodontic surgery uses Forestadent products, a German company’s active self ligating brackets technique which could rightly be called the “Mercedes of orthodontics”. watch a demonstration of The device at www.forestadent.com . By clicking here you could see the Forestadent device in operation. The most exciting part starts at 6:25.

Questions regarding orthodontics are welcome via e-mail or phone, but do not forgeand plase remember that the first personal consultation is also free.

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