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Dental restauration

Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns, Bridges

We make porcelain fused to base metal and precious metal frame (gold) crowns and bridges. It is possible to cover porcelain layer by VITA 3 D shade matching system, reproducing even more optical qualities of natural teeth.


Metal-free inlays crowns, veneers

In aesthetically highlighted areas (front region), and because of increasing metal allergy, metal-free dental restorations are spreading more and more. If decay of the crown of the tooth exceeds a certain degree (old filling, caries, trauma), then we make inlays, veneers, and crown, which belong to dental restauration group.
Inlay is placed into molars, and completes the decayed part of the crown of the tooth.
When making a veneer we prepare the exterior surface of the incisors from the direction of the lips, and a completely individualized porcelain restoration is placed onto that prepared surface.
A crown fits over the complete exterior part of the tooth. These metal-free restorations can be burnt of all-ceramic material, shaped by CAD-CAM technology, and can be made of composit-based, glass-fibre reinforced materials.


Metal-free bridges

Shorter missing teeth – one, or two missing teeth – are possible to restore by bridges made of porelain only, or of hybrid-plastic reinforced with glass-fibre. It can be made in a dental technician’s laboratory using press technology, or at the dentist’s office using CAD/CAM procedure.
In case of restorations which bridge over more extended, or wider teeth missing, a porcelain veneer burnt on a strong frame makes sure that dental restoration meet both requirements of durability and aesthetic.
We make zirconium dioxide and aluminium dioxide frames using CAD/CAM technology. These frames have excellent qualities of material and are biocompatible, and due to its natural shade a more lifelike, aesthetically higher levelled porcelain layer can be reached.


Combined dental restorations (fixed + removable)

In cases, where the number of missing teeth is considerable, a fixed restoration can not be prepared any more. If the remaining teeth are stable, and can be loaded, a special crown or bridge replacement is bonded definitively. On this fixed part of replacement contact surfaces are placed. Different types of precision-mechanics protective cover screws are placed on top of it, which increase considerably stability of removable denture, and connect ”in an invisble way” fixed and removable parts.


Complete denture (removable)

Dentures made for jaw where all teeth are missing we carry out using a special impression technique and IVOCLAR technology of biting registration of facial arch. Dentures made by this way make the most of anatomical conditions, clinical situation, denture can be so fixed, and a comfort feeling can be reached, that patient might as well bite into an apple without using glue.
In case of disadvantageous forms of jaw implants might be placed in the area of the eye teeth in order to have a better fixing, which will hold implant in its place as „snap-fasteners” by a special precision-mechanic fixing.

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